NOBILE’S S.A. Farming Activities

Address (PO Box): Casilla de Correo 19 (2650) Canals, Cordoba

Ph:+54-3463-420958 /


1.   Deliver an Accurate & Timely Service to our Clients.

2.   Incorporate the latest Farming Technology Improvements and Global. Best Practices.

3.   Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Final Product, considering the Environmental Impact.

4.   Positive Influence in the local society.

5.   Maximize the Company Value.

AGRICULTURE: Corn, Wheat and Soya Beans cultivated in owned and rented farms.

CATTLE RANCH : Cattle Breeding (British cattle race) in owned and rented ranches. Feedlot with precocious weaning.

SERVICES: Farm Management, Production & Marketing.



- Owned Farm with a surface of 1360 ha located in Cordoba Province, Argentina.

- Rented Farms for Agriculture Activities located nearby the Main Offices (60km).

- Machinery: Sowing machines (Brand: Crucianelli Pionera III and Gringa IV - year 2003), Self-propelled Sprayer machine (Brand: Metalfor Futura 2500 - year 2005), Tractors (Brand: Zanello 230 and 500 - years 1996/97), Package and Grain Extractor machine as well as many others.


- Honest and Ethical behavior in the deal with suppliers, clients and employees.

- Management and Technical Abilities.